The following page provides by CV and a list of classes I have taken in the past, along with my grade attained in each.

Classes & Grades

Term Taken Class Grade Received Comments
Fall 2022 UROP Colloquium S Requirement to participate in undergraduate research. “Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program”
Fall 2022 Dante’s Inferno A
Fall 2022 Calculus with Analytic Geometry III A
Fall 2022 Putnam Seminar S Score: 0/120
Fall 2022 Intro to Advanced Mathematics A By far my favorite class at the time.
Fall 2022 Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists A Graduation requirement, mathematical statistics was not available at the time.
Spring 2023 UROP Colloquium S
Spring 2023 Research, Genre, and Context A General education requirement.
Spring 2023 Ordinary Differential Equations A
Spring 2023 Applied Linear Algebra II* A I was able to take this class without taking ALAI since I self studied LA in high school.
Spring 2023 General Physics A B+ My first physics course ever.
Summer 2023 Directed Individual Study (4 Hours, ML) A Explored artificial intelligence and machine learning. Was not able to put as much time towards it as I would’ve liked due to a mistake in commitment management, which was the first in my experience.
Summer 2023 Introduction to Quantum Computing A A particularly interesting course.
Summer 2023 Debates About the Past: Roman A Fulfilled a general education requirement.
Summer 2023 General Physics B A
Fall 2023 Groups, Rings, and Vector Spaces I TBA The graduate algebra course offered at FSU designed to prepare students for the qualifying exam. We will see if my proof writing ability is up to par.
Fall 2023 Advanced Calculus I TBA Otherwise known as real analysis.
Fall 2023 Programming I TBA Taught in C++ (should’ve just been C.)
Fall 2023 Directed Individual Study TBA Reading artificial intelligence, mathematics, and quantum computing papers.


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